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Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe located in the central part of the Balkans. Its geographical position enables our country to serve as a connecting bridge with all other countries of Eastern Europe. As such, Kosovo creates favorable conditions for foreign investment.

Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA), which functions under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is not only responsible for the protection and promotion of investments, but it also supports the implementation of public policies and programs in the field of enterprise development. In addition, our agency develops policies regarding the establishment and development of economic zones and promotes all products produced in Kosovo with the only aim to expand the market for local producers.

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Success stories
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  • Llamkos Galvasteel
    Adrian Holmes
    Group Executive
  • Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo J.S.C
    Robert Wright
    Chief Executive Officer 
  • Kamilla Chocolate
    Erdal Şenkardeş
    Chairman of the board
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